Axiom Accident Repair Centres

AXIOM Accident Repair Centres was founded by TDN GROUP LTD, a collection of UK, US, and Europe based vehicle body reconditioning companies specialising in Paintless Dent Removal, with divisions that complement our PDR backbone which include PDR Tools, PDR Training and PDR Fleet Services.

AXIOM Accident Repair Centre is our state of the art repair centre, specilaising in non-structual, cosmetic vehicle repair and recalibrating ADAS systems with specialist knowledge of Hybrid/EV vehicles.


To be the dominant market leader in the industries in which we operate.

We will be the standard in which others aspire to become.

To be recognised as the experts that set the highest of standards, never stagnating but looking to constantly evolve and innovate and to provide the very best possible employee and customer experience.


AXIOM equally invests in our people, creating a quality working environment and supporting our people to be their very best.

We understand to win in the market place we must win in the workplace!


ACTIVE LEARNER: Learning is a must for us. We challenge our limits, we embrace emerging technology, and we push our capabilities to grow personally and professionally.

WE, NOT ME: We share a collective desire to succeed and communicate effectively as a team. We supporting each other by working without blame, and making sure the organisation as a whole is continuously improving.

BE AN INNOVATOR: We empower our people to lead and implement new ideas that are aligned with our vision, mission and core values. We understand that “Mistakes are a fact of life; it’s the response to the error that matters” An Innovator is brave, we give you permission to be brave.

TAKE INITIATIVE: If you know something needs done or see something that needs done, do it! If you’re not sure, ask, don’t wait.

WE ARE NOT COMPLACENT: The thought of being stagnate just doesn’t sit well with us. We are on the move and ready to concur the challenge in front of us.

WE ARE LIGHT ON OUR FEET: We move quickly, efficiently, and have fun along the way. A happy working environment is a must.